What’s in an MPower project manager?


Tremendous heart, an indomitable spirit, crazy smarts, creative thinking, and a jacked-up dose of tenacity.  It takes all these things and more to wake up each morning and change the world for the greater good.


Since its inception, MPower has been extraordinarily lucky to have attracted amazing creators, advocates and arbiters to our cause. Our partners, employees, interns, contractors all contribute towards the ideals of a citizenry that believes in service both to our planet and to our most vulnerable neighbors.  


One of the incredible humans that has shaped MPower (and served thousands of Oregonians in the process) is Webly Bowles. As a member of the MPower team, she brought a love of buildings, a deep understanding of systems, a rigorously analytical mind, insatiable curiosity and a wicked sense of humor. An architect by training, Webly harbors a secret affinity for performance data, and she used her expertise in building design and systems to elevate MPower’s assessments, modeling and monitoring service.


One of the truths we honor at MPower is the vital need for passion in your work, and the understanding that where passion leads, one must follow. Webly is heeding that truth and following her passion to work on net-zero building development with New Buildings Institute.


While we are tremendously sad to see Webly leave MPower, we’re happy she is following her passion, and honored that this was a place for her to hone that calling. Of course, we’re not “losing her,” as she’s still woven into the fabric of the sustainability movement. I have absolutely no doubt in her abilities to change the world for the better.  


Onward, Webly!



With Webly’s departure there is an opportunity for another rock star to join the MPower team. If you know someone that is super-talented, hard-working and looking for an opportunity to change the world for the better, please feel free to contact us or pass on this opportunity.