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    Here's How We're Changing The World
    Or, at least the Pacific Northwest

    We fancy ourselves a one-stop shop for people concerned with making sustainability in affordable housing a reality - people like you. If you're looking to make a new or existing building more efficient, or looking to make the leap to solar power, we can help you get there.

How Can We Help You Build Sustainability for Your Community?

Helping you use less in buildings old and new

Our efficiency services are re-energizing (get it?!) Oregon’s affordable housing communities by making sustainable building measures more affordable.

What We Offer

  • Assessment and Expert Advice
  • Financing
  • Construction Coordination
  • Efficiency Services
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Where We Work

  • Existing Buildings
  • New Construction
  • Manufactured Homes

We’re actively looking for partners for solar improvements. Think you may be a candidate? Tell us about your project.

Bringing Light to Good Things

We build community power and ensure everyone can participate in a clean energy future. MPower, together with our partners, is bringing solar to multifamily affordable housing through technical assistance, funding channels and delivery coordination.  Whether a rooftop installation or an off-site community solar garden, we help communities harness the sun for greater housing affordability.

We offer technical assistance and financing to:

  • Existing Building Owners
  • New Construction
  • Manufactured Home Communities
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