• Building Efficiency

    Less Water.
    Less Energy.
    More good.

    Through waste-reducing efforts and new technologies, you can reduce the environmental footprint of your affordable housing communities and increase the health and well-being of residents.

    Win. Win.

    We can help you get there.

Efficiency First

Existing Building Retrofits

MPower's cornerstone service, our Efficiency First offering puts sustainable energy and water improvements within reach for affordable housing property owners.

Our one-stop approach offers

  • Assessment and Expert Advice

  • Financing

  • Construction Coordination

  • Monitoring and Engagement Services

New Construction

Building for Efficiency

Planning efficiency in new construction may seem like a challenge, but with our expert help and financing options, doing the smart thing and the right thing is within reach.

How We Help

  • Technical Assistance

  • Resource Development

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Manufactured Housing Communities

Modernizing Manufactured Housing Communities

Manufactured Housing Communities are a vital piece of the housing pie. Let us help you increase efficiency, affordability and well-being in your park.

How we help

  • Water Submetering

  • Efficiency Upgrades

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Looking to learn more about efficiency efforts?

We don't just help you get efficient, through our collection of resources, we can help you stay efficient.