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    Building Community Power

    MPower is partnering with local organizations to bring the power of the sun into low-income homes across the northwest. Yes, the Pacific Northwest.

Especially here, a little sunshine goes a long ways.

At MPower, we aim to increase awareness, capacity and adoption of solar power production for the benefit of low-income Oregonians.

MPower is partnering with Bonneville Environmental Foundation and Community Energy Project to deliver onsite shared solar on affordable multifamily housing, through:

  1. Technical and development assistance
  2. Funding and approval procurement
  3. Community education.

In addition, we are tuned in to the community solar conversation going on now in Oregon and actively promoting avenues for meaningful low-income participation.

Find Out if You Qualify

We’re looking for community agents who are decision makers for their buildings. We’d love to talk with you about your solar hopes and dreams.

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